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Regeneration makes people truly happy


Alright! So,lets now talk about what makes people truly happy and what are some of the strange or interesting source of happiness . Its all written in light behind me. Ok now, if you were born with a {inaudible} which means a {inaudible} sign, Ok, you will want to {inaudible} for happiness and you will have that happiness . So, I can give you the.. Leo, for example, lets talk about Leo, people born in August and that would be the people that are set by the cosmic code through our station. We are talking about Madonna, Schwarzenegger,, President Clinton, President Obama, Madonna and many. Ok, if you were born in August, you have been granted by the cosmic code, the Gods will speaking through the stars, through the signs, to own a stage. Its not that because you {inaudible} with a smarter ass, you have a {inaudible} that makes you, you vibrate, the sounds & energy and during the day and every planet shines away. Only the sun shines. So, you are going to attract fame, power, the light and stage and you are going to be naturally happy. Cook it! I was born with a Sagittarius rising which is the same energy that in Aries. I was {inaudible}in Aries {inaudible} on top of that. So, I have quite a lot of Leo, Aries, a Sagittarius {inaudible} energy of me and thats why it would be very hard to keep me unhappy. I always find a way to enjoy myself, especially intellectually. So, happiness that depends on ,on how you are going to regenerate. Ok, now, and dont think wealth will make you happy because you could be swollen when your wealthy. And if you got a headache every single day, youre not going to be happy. So, regeneration, thats the key. Regeneration is what gonna give you happiness. In theres area in your chart that will give you regeneration especially through the sign of Scorpion. Which means, if you dont do it, youll die. So, if you are a lightning, like Pisces, you know, like the sign of Michael Angelo, George Washington, those guys were Pisces. You will regenerate in a {inaudible} house which is a house of {inaudible} . So, in fact right now, I am regenerating with you because I am dying and re-birthing in the world of Scorpion. Ok, lets talk about Virgos, those ones, which happens to be my top students. Why? Because you know, born in September , you go into the third house which means the mental process, one, two, three and these Virgos becomes Scorpions that means they regenerate when they investigate. Now, there are a lot of people which that born in this, to get this, so they are born in September , they can be born in any, any , {inaudible} position , that you have to keep across {inaudible} rising, the moon, the {inaudible} dragon, the hidden dragon and they cannot teach you the complexities of Astropsychology today . All Im trying to tell you is if you are not happy because of this blockage. In fact, all disease, physical or spiritual are coming from a blockage. If you understand where that blockage is and why you cannot find happiness, then obviously, you will unblock yourself. Its like being constipated, tensed because you are unhappy. What Im trying to tell you, once you find the flocks and you free it. Ok, {inaudible} from the cosmic code jurisdiction to regenerate entirely. Now, you can regenerate in creating, in painting, in singing, in dancing , in studying , in writing , in teaching. There are twelve different area of the human experiences and you have one specific area that demands you a full regeneration and the only area where regeneration principle will be out free and to reveal themselves {inaudible}. Now, this is holding many people out there {inaudible} depressed. They have no goal . I cant wait to get up and get in front of my computer and write and write to demands of people who are reading my stuff all over the world because I am a teacher . I was set by the God {inaudible}to do that because this how I regenerate in my nine house. And whether you have scorpion in your charts, you are going to gain power, you are going to gain recognition, you are truly , its like a gold mine which never ends, so to speak. So, what its telling to us, theres no way for you not to find happiness. The problem is, is because of you know, there are certain ranges of visions , people who do not understand to face the truth of God refuses to...

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