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Doing yoga at your own pace


________________Jennie Lee__________________ Well the good news is you don't have to move to Hawaii to do my classes; I work on Skype so I have _______________J.J. Thiret___________________ Oh! _________________Jennie Lee________________ Lots of client on the mainland that I do both physical practice as well as more of the psycho-spiritual practice of yoga, on Skype or the phone, um and I always tell people that, that choice about how often you're practicing or working with teacher, myself, or anyone else is very individual too there's no set answer to that um firstly it's gonna depend on how much time you have, what you can afford, and what your commitment is to the journey in the process. So sometimes people know that they are really ready to dig in deep and they just want to work weekly or bi weekly. And, and see what kind of progress they can make in a short amount of time, I think people know that this is something that they are interested in and they just want to kind of tip toe long and maybe it's once every couple of weeks or once a month and just having somebody theirs an anchor or a teacher or check in, feels good to them so, I really leave it up to the person,

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