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Common roadblocks to personal growth or change


__________James Williams__________ I'd the go into the fitness industry and uh see very much that people enjoy working out but when they try to lose weight, exercise on its own wasn't doing it. So I thought in myself well, hmm there's something else involve here. So you got qualifications in nutrition and then started counting people with nutrition, and now I found out from talking with them that they couldn't apply the behavioral changes that they set they would do in our session. And so uh, because I thought then there's something else that comes out I thought J. I thought myself J.J. what is it that this thing that's stopping people from, doing what they really want to do? And uh part of that journey um helped me to discover that it was stress, and then I-I came to the U.S. um a friend helped to kind of get in to some education here, and I started in a bachelors degree um, and from that point on I worked dimishly with her with others to discover that its stress, its spirituality um, it's our own level of personal growth and uh, and our consciousness that affects, you know whether or not were gonna eat healthfully, be healthy, you turn up with the gym and do whatever else we want motivation to do. __________J.J. Thiret__________ Okay, so you can say somebody can be real motivated or, talk to talk but when it comes to walking the walk it's on a deeper level and something is keeping them from following through. __________James Williams__________ Right, what I'm looking for is um, with vigorous with N.L.P. or with the live coaching um or with the others covered psychological theories I have learned in my degrees whatever I'm looking for is what are the underlined, situations or memories from the past that are still alive on that persons consciousness that are blocking them from, doing they want to do. And after there are needs that are unmet, all there are just painful emotional memories that, basically cause them to stop um an activity that they know will actually help them. __________James Williams__________ It's also about what people had seen as a child, so it's what's been modeled to them so that parents showed them just one way or two ways of conquering stress, sometimes people genuinely don't, are, they run away that there are other things that they can do um to be able to you know get the same relaxation effect, and without the consequences of the smoking drinking a lot of things, other times they are aware that something's they can do however the emotional kind of uh, pain and experience that um, that you know not ready to face at that time at least, just keeps them from moving a step forward.

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