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Emotional intelligence is about focusing and understanding the messages


Emotional intelligence is one of the most misunderstood concepts. In fact we get pretty intellectual about emotions which kind of defeats the whole purpose instead I invite you to focus on your feelings. Embrace your feelings where in your body are you feeling joy, happiness, contentment, resentment, boredom, frustration, fear, anxiety, guilt, or shame or blame. In those that when you feel those lower feeling, the ones that does make you want just to stop and do something else and make it go away. That really is the doorway to something inside of you. A message, a message that your inner wisdom is trying to tell you. So for example, if you are feeling anxious and in a little pit of your stomach - Ahh it just feels terrible, feels heavy, ask it, what is it trying to tell you. Is this I don't like the situation, and you ask Oh why, what about the situation?, I feel scared, What do you feel scared about?, and so on. And eventually, you are going to find a truth, a prospective that you had no idea what's causing you to feel this way and what you understand that message. Then you're going to have so many more options in which to address the situation so that it serves you in the best possible way. And this is the way we really like do get in touch with our wisdom in our inner guidance. The more you go into active practice and understand the message behind your feelings, you will get yourself to a new emotional set point. Where you will experience the world automatically from a place of contentment. And from that place of contentment or serenity, no matter what the world brings you, no matter what challenges faces your day, you will have so much more capacity to deal with the highest inner lows in a very predictive way. So that's how you will thrive and be happy no matter what life brings you. I invite you to embrace your feelings. To build really strong relationships with your feelings get to know your feelings.

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