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Ego is our enemy


____________________Leona Wallace____________________ You know first thing's first, cause we got to get on our own way. And I mean, get that you go out of the way. It's our enemy, our ego. It is not a competition; it is about each individual on the journey here. Right, so like simplify it, let's slow it down, slow it right down, every one's going... you know it's funny, it's near on the San Diego, I am right on the board walk, and I am walking along and you know, how many people will have sets me. "Wow! You really stroll." (Laughs), and so, why are they in a hurry? You are missing everything. ______________________Madison_________________ (Laughs) _____________________Leona Wallace____________________ Really, we are all in such a hurry, let's slow down. Don't you find that's a challenge? _____________________Madison___________________ Especially in the culture that we lived in, the society, definitely! ____________________Leona Wallace____________________ Yeah. We are just missing so much because we are going to path. It's like that present, that give that essence that beauty are purpose. We are going to that as even see it, it's right there; it's been there the whole time. But if you are on the freeway, are you going to see it? No! If you slow down, you start strolling and you "Oh, my God, it's beautifully, someone pick it up!" You picked it up and can you feel that? Like a relief when you are feel into it. Wow!

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