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Emotional intelligence is to be able to understand your own emotions


Most on intelligence says absolutely critical be in a personal relationships or professional relationships or working with groups or working with institutions, it's certainly not over rated as a matter of fact I happen to believe that a lot of folks who don't (inaudible) emotional intelligence and talk about emotional intelligence and actually a spouse emotional intelligence within the organization do not really practice that emotional intelligence themselves. So, there's a various between what is a spouse and what is practice and that disconnect is what causes people to really feel down in an organization okay, and the examples of leaders who doubt themselves as an important and always present and always helpful when they're really not in touch with the presence emotions at all and so you know, they all read this book and emotional intelligence but then your good man and others and the use of bad words but really when it's went down to is being an emotionally aware person yourself, unless you are able to understand your own emotions, your own feelings unless youre in touch at a deep level with your own emotions and feelings youre unable to be in touch with others emotions or feelings so, so it already starts with you and again I've seen so many examples of people who say they practice all these emotions but what they're really saying is that they're emotional themselves but they're not emotional present, with others they find it hard to work with and deal with, let alone embrace the emotions of other people so I think in the process for what they're doing is they're letting people down.

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