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Changing even the smallest things can bring excitement


_______Andrew_______: The whole idea is that, how that might change the way you experience something, they change the way you experience other things, that core say, it's called, setting an intention. As far as, you think about it, if we're all walking then it's drawn situation and circumstances to us, okay? Conscious and unconsciously and just like changing it up, could be something simple, you might, you might, decide on what a different cards of are one day, right? And somebody might made a comment to you about that saying, gees, what's this right thing you share, start of you, what's the reason for that, that conversation maybe do an opportunity, right? As an example, saying, oh, I'll just change it up for one day and this is what happened. And your coffee and all of a sudden you have the coffee, and then they say, oh, I like this new, new um, spice or sweet, and prototype of your coffee, I wanna try that. And you said, well, sure, I'll try that. First to the side, he says, hey, what is that? Is that the something new? This is why I keep trying that. Next thing you know, you made a connection there. _______Madison_______: That's so true. I mean, I think about um, women and their nails, every time we go to get your nails done, don't you want a new color? _______Andrew_______: Yeah? _______Madison_______: Right? _______Andrew_______: And why do you think they wanna have a new color? _______Madison_______: Coz it's exciting, it's new, it's fresh for a.. _______Andrew_______: Yeah. So that's the challenge for you, how might you go about each day, um, allowing something small, to have little more freshness or fresh perspective, that allowed you by saying that intention to bring other things that are fresh.

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