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Energy healing practices can come along and support the mental emotional


As your alternative practitioner and I have been unto many years and I used many ultimate therapies from auric healing, reiki. I designed homeopathic {inaudible} and variation medicines and {inaudible}. I have a strong affinity to energy healing and I have strong affinity to the impact energy healing has on my client. Often they come to see me because and they never appear to be physically fit and healthy and they often have expressions of anger continuously hurting {inaudible} part of body and feeling like you want to cry all the time, feeling unhappy and in some cases, severe diseases might develop such as cancer and emphysema. In the medical fertility often cant find what has caused all these issues. And there is a stronger understanding now that these issues may be caused by our emotions and our thoughts. Now, emotions and thoughts are just translating what a fine body is feeling energetic sense. So, a fine body is the body that surrounds the physical body and its just frequency. Thoughts and emotions that translate into frequency, they just rhyme along. {inaudible} . And sometimes, theres a blockage within that and theres a misunderstanding that sometimes as a frequency moves around, it gets caught . And then we try to translate that feeling by bringing in a picture of emotion. And sometimes were not able to do that. So, in reiki, {inaudible} they clear that emotional blockage with that frequency blockage allowing their emotions associated with that and to be {inaudible} cleared. And often {inaudible} with the emotion and it clears , sometimes the physical manifestation of that emotion is clear also. So, I think its very important that we encourage these alternative human practices to be present and try to help human beings get better. I think there are place as far as the supporter therapy so mainstream medicine can diagnose and mainstream medicine can help with some of the physical aspects of a disease. However, energy healing practices can come along and support the mental emotional side effect. And to get it like {inaudible} So, I think thats how energy medicine can move forward. However, it needs to be in educated process in place which means that the practitioner must be transparent and well-informed and accepting also of mainstream medicine practices which I feel until these days that has not been the case. But things are changing and I am viewing that in a positive way. After many years of practicing energy healing, Ive already have seen many cases of miracles you may call, diseases disappearing, you will gain better when we {inaudible} negative and I helped many people to maintain a high quality life. {inaudible} So, Im quite honored to be a healer.

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