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Do the thing, and you'll get the energy to do the thing


The word exercise to me already has a quite negative connotation. If I hear exercise, immediately, I hear ex and ex can mean ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-teacher, not a very nice and positive vibes, does it? So, I think the word should be more called like "joyrun or fundance something like that. Most of us who wants to start exercising again after especially having not done it for some long time. Either because we have children and or we have to work in an environment that we werent allowed to exercise that much has this huge flop because we think we have to be perfect by doing it again. And we have to have this hot regimen to make us keep going and that stops, I guess, fifty percent of us all together from starting. Who says what exercise is and who says that you have to work an hour or two hours everyday and even that half an hour thing? I think, again, that is something you picked up because society tells you this is how you should do it. I look at it more as same like my medication practices. How can I incorporate me being a little bit more physical in my daily life? And that can start with like walking into the supermarket instead of driving there with a car . Or it can mean I am using an opportunity. My children are dancing in the lounge so I joined in. Or the next step possibly could be, Im just talking a little walk every morning when I feel like it. What helps and what would help me is to get started again. Its to give myself permission to do something just for five minutes and I was allowed. I gave myself permission to stop after five minutes. The funny thing is it takes the pressure away. I knew, if Ive done something for five minutes, I was allowed. Although, I only or myself gave myself that permission. I could stop. And the great thing about this is you actually can stop and you dont feel guilty afterwards because you gave yourself permission beforehand. However, when we are starting to do something, we usually get the energy to do the same. As one of my favorite sayings, Do the thing and you will get the energy to do the thing, and that applies to exercise as to any other things we are procrastinating on. So, to make it more fun is take the pressure off and just see how you can incorporate something . And the more you do, even five minutes per day, the more you will naturally feel that you want to do something more. So, have fun with it. Play with your kids. Dance. Just be a little bit crazy and take a little bit more walks rather than taking the cars the easiest out of all. Goodluck!

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