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Peace is a big factor in healing


_______________Gui Mansilla______________ That peace is at the... it is at the core of our essence of healing. Healing cannot be achieved without peace. All different processes of healing involved some way of finding inner peace, reconciling, I do not know if it is actually well pronounced, reconciliation, reconciling, bringing back together, reintegrating, aspects of ourselves that have been this member, and then we have force to cast away and condition ourselves and utilate it is some way. So, peace, it is a fundamental part of the healing and yeah. _______________Madison________________ Oh, Wow! That's... So, to tie it all back together, first we find the peace within, and then we can share that peace with others. ________________Gui Mansilla_______________ Yeah, yeah. Yes, for me it's a on the other way around, I am really... but practitioner of pensioner which is a form of meditation that I consider to be the most pure form of personal growth, and a true path of hmmm.... Reaching real happiness and real contentment, and the, hmmm... One of essence for me to be able to provide a help and service to others in their path of growth and self-awareness is to be able to walk the path myself and to... I am about to work to another 10 day and to another retreat to practice, to be passionate and meditation for 16 hours a day, sometimes, 14 to 16 hours a day, and that is the level of commitment that I have with myself to quality mind, and to be able to compress and when that in my experience with heart open.

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