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The ultimate goal of yoga


____________________Jennie Lee_____________________________ Well the different types of physical practice of yoga are part of the American marketing machine I mean, yoga is big business now so there are a lot of people trying to get on the band wagon there are teacher training programs cranking out yoga teachers on a daily basis. and so yes you are right, the, the practice is getting watered down from the average person's stand point, now that being said, we also have some great wonderful masterful teachers in America that we are blessed to have to hold the absence of what I call "Raja Yoga" which is the royal yoga which is the embodiment of the lifestyle practices that we are speaking about earlier. The interiorization processes that lead us towards meditation as well as the physical practices which keep the body tuned and really the physical practice that puts our body into energetic alignment is simply meant to prepare us for meditation, mean the ultimate goal of will of yoga is the union of individual consciousness with divine consciousness it's not just a union of mind and body as it so sort of, superficially referred to in a lot of physical yoga classes.

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