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Different sources of happiness


So, the first question is what makes people truly happy? As I talk about connection across over all of the speeches that Ive done , one of the things that I find is that people have a need. Number one, to connect, to feel part of something. The first start is with themselves to feel part of understanding who they are, what thrives them. But then of course ,connected on the people and that includes things like feeling partly connected to a person or a group, an organization, a cause, an idea , most importantly, starts with connection with the family. But people who want to be happy generally want to see and be and feel part of something bigger than themselves . They want to have people invest in them. Invest in their story . And also have themselves take part in their own story of what that might be in the world. So, for happiness, I think that if we take our time invest in someone story, invest in who they are, what theyre all about, make them part of our thrive and be inclusive and and know that they belong and they are someone that you can connect with. We can help them become bigger and better than themselves and that I think what makes people truly happy. What are some source of happiness? Source of happiness can be found everywhere by different people for different things . You know, I find happiness in my children watching my 4 year old & my 2year old interact to me. That brings me great happiness. I think happiness again comes from a cause and again a purpose {inaudible} than ourselves. So, whenever we take part in giving, I find its a great source of happiness . When we deal with people in a way that influence us and persuades us and inspires us, that makes us happy. When we take the time to really invest in the story of other people and they respond with gratitude, that makes us happy. So, if I were to say what are some source of happiness, try leadership with your family, with your friends, with your community, try love in all its forms, in all its ways and methods of living and try gratitude because I think those truly are the source of happiness. Smiling is good too. Thank you so much!

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