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Consult a clinical therapist if you're experiencing anxiety disorder


Im not a therapist per se but having done or actually having been in psycho and medic training for several years at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. I do have a fear of understanding anxiety and feelings and emotions and that stuff. My own sense is that, if a person is feeling some anxiety, that theres nothing wrong with that. We all feel a certain of anxiety when were up against deadlines and were trying to undig something that we have to dig which is very important to our minds. However, if that anxiety stays with you and starts to affect your sleep patterns, starts to affect your relationship, starts to affect your work. It may be generalized anxiety disorder. At that point in time, I would highly recommend that the person see a trained clinic counselor or clinical therapist and there are many out there who can certainly help with anxiety and theyll decide if an anti-anxiety medication needs to be prescribed. But, there are some events when you can through cognitive behavioral therapy, help yourself get over that anxiety. But anxiety is really just a very broad line. Its not a very {inaudible} situation. There are psychologists who will help you cognitively through changing the way you think, changing the way you act, changing the way you react. It can really help you cope with the stress source of life and we all have those stresses. Some people are able to deal with those stresses better than others and that doesnt make them bad and the others better than them. It just means their capacity to handle stress or the capacity to handle the anxiety is different from person to person. So, what I would say is, if its affecting seriously your relationships. Its affecting your sleep, its affecting when you drive if youre sleeping at the wheel or youre constantly awake. There are certain time to pick up the phone and call a therapist. So, if youre feeling anxious all the time then clearly it would be an underlying disorder there. Underlying dysfunction that needs to be treated so I would recommend seeing a psychotherapist, psychologist or in some cases, even a psychiatrist who can help prescribe some medication and get you up and running.

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