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Comprehensive aspects of yoga


_______JJ thiret__________ What can you say to people who first start yoga? ________UmangGoel_________ So, this is again how I feel I'm very unique in what I do. Before starting the first class, actually I call in my students for a consultation and an evaluation. I don't treat it as come in, do your class and go, do your downward dog and go. So, my students come in, and I ask that upfront. There is an online submission form that I have for students because it's not a force, and I recommend, I suggest that a complimentary consultation is very much... That's what we offer because I want to impact your life. I don't want you just coming in doing your downward dog and going out if I don't even understand what your health aspects are, where you stand in your health, and I am a health and wellness coach. So, they love it. They come over. I sit down one-on-one with them and talk about life and talk about what gets them going, what kind of stress level they are facing. And, sure enough, some of them literally have tears in their eyes. I just touch them and there are tears in their eyes. So, that tells me a lot. I evaluate them by doing a few postures that gives me an idea of their strength, their flexibility, and their balance because it is a mind, body balance. And, then, I actually ask them, "Would you like me to measure the fat percentage in your body?" Whether you are thin or large, it doesn't matter. People are always talking about their weight, but they are not understanding that it's the visceral fat that is the key here. So, stress, visceral fat, if you're unhealthy, how are you going to be able to do your practice right? And, they're, sure enough, they want to, so I have a scale that measures the fat percentage in your body. It takes into account the whole, not only the weight, the height, the gender, age. And, as a result of all that, I suggest, I recommend a class to them that this is where you should start, this is how I feel is where you're going. And, based on their stress level, I may... So, Wellness Haven is... Again, like I said, yoga to me is how you conduct your life. So, we offer not only the physical aspects of the assonance, we also offer meditation and pranayam which is the controlled breathing techniques. People don't know how to breathe. People are breathing less than 30% capacity of their lungs. So, they're literally pulling their hair out because there's so much stress in their life.

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