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All you have to do is think about it


____________Julie Henderson_______ Um, um, a lot of it is on mind set, and that a whole mind set um, that, that's really the, what really people find that's really powerful you know, the things that we talked about just now is taking responsibility, um, a lot of people just don't realize that, they, don't realize that they are in that blame, and they think that all the things that have happened to them or they can't move forward whether it's a lack of support, lack of money, lack of time, they don't realize how much control that they really have over that, and that they can set their boundaries and they can really have a lot of power over their life and take charge, and once they really realize that it's just liberating, it's very freeing. When they realize "oh! Yeah, I guess I don't have to say yes to that PTA meeting again" or "I don't have to say yes to cooking that big turkey thanks giving dinner game dish, I do it every year! So, um, a lot of things you know, it's really um, authentic that it is about um, you know, fear, fear is a really big line, people with like that is huge, that's something that comes up with, with everything I talk a lot about that and here's just something that's what's gonna be there, here is an affirmation of, our growth. Each time we step out of our comfort zone, we never done it, we've been doing it all of our lives! It's just that, all of the sudden when you have a business. It's like, woah! It's like really, really scary but we've been doing it all of our life, you know, whether it was learning how to drive a car, training on the computer, riding a bike, you know, learning to walk, you know, it's just that we forget that every time we fell over when we were crawling or stumbling we just got up again because we didn't know. But, it's a lot of big experiences as we get, and that's a, and another big thing too, is people have a lot of fear, they have a lot of self-doubt, they've been, you have experiences in their life that, have really beat them down, a lot of people have really, really traumatic experiences in their lives, there's a lot of different things, and, there just, it, it, it has kept them down, and, that was really something that have um, really helped me. Or my own experiences empowered me to just decide, whether I was just going to be a victim of my circumstances or if I was just gonna do something about it. And I would see other people around, I would go to different task, I'm a nurse when I was started in Direct Sales. And I was, I just was a self-help junky, I loved it, and I would hear other people talk about their experiences and they would have a book, and I would think, "well, I have, I got lots of experiences," and you really, lot of them not um, not part of. And I thought you know, business what really sells is people's stories, stories sell, and if, if I was impacted by story, I felt others would be impacted by mine, so I was inspired and then curved by my own eye was scared to do it, but I just thought, you know, so what like I can't even change the past, I can' change anything about it but I can, turn my mass into message, and help other people, so that's how I got started to in my path as far as, or is um, mindset was a big thing, and when you talk about what really people claim to and really have difficulty, it doesn't matter at the root of widen up what we for in their, in their life is because it have a lot of stuff, that they've been um, there's a tape going on in their head and just keeps on playing whether there someone told them that they're not smart enough, somebody told them that they can't you know, can't sing, they can't dance, they, they, they'll never do anything, they'll um, never amount to anything, or you're too old, you're too slow, you're too fast, you're too this, you're too that, and you got to get rid of that , you know, and it, it's not easy but you can just give more power to all the things that, you feel, that are, you now, weight you down or you can just decide "that was then that doesn't define me?" "I can start a new day" "I can be different" "I can have a positive attitude" "I can believe the best in myself doesn't matter what anybody out says or thinks" and really you have the power to do that, we have more, we believe more what we say about ourselves than in, in, than anybody else. It's just that it's easier to just go around and say "well, my mom did that or my dad didn't do that, and I didn't have this background and that and that. All they are is just excuses, and you can let them like I said "you can just let them consume you and you'll stay stuck you'll stay there for the rest of your life if you choose to"

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