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Bringing the human element of change into the workplace


_________Kyla Tustin_____________ Definitely so, look all of my work in different admonition in different strains it really does come to energy and coaching, with the personal 101 so I do a lot of self-coaching and intuitive energy work with people, were also looking for the same thing, and so my business structure have ?, that as you mention I work with in the Codega group, and with the Codega group, we take out messages of how to really bring out the human element of change into corporates so that we start to understand that to have success in business we really need to understand that its human that were working with, and so the stress that they're under the pressure and especially with these growing global environment, there is a lot of impact on the people and there were scientist proving now the impact of stress and how it is contagious in that environment so really feel that can bring my experience in being corporate and having sit down out of the corporate world and gone on my own personal transformation journey, can now take what I learned and really show people what it works for me, so that they can walk away and figure out what works for them, and start implementing that change within their own live so that in the business point of view things are working in a lot more successful but from a personal point of view they are actually feeling a lot more inspired and when they're at work and they're were at home they're a lot more present because they were just enjoying life because I think through the chaos and all the noise sometimes we forget that were actually meant to be here to enjoy ourselves at the same time

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