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Believing in God gives comfort when you're in hard times


And I don't know what this is ,a strange belief or attitude that I have. But I really firmly believe that I am supported at all times even in the depths of hard time, a difficult time, a challenging time, I really feel that I am supported whether you believe in God, or you believe in a higher power, for me I really do believe in that and I do believe that God focus on into what I'll get. And so believing that I am supported all the time means that that is then become my reality. And suppose it's one of those things when somebody might say, 'Well, okay, but if you didn't believe that then it wouldnt happen. My response to that is absolutely No, no, right or wrong answers isn't [inaudible] we don't know. Just as much as we don't know whether there's life after death. We don't know what comes next. We have to have a certain amount of belief that helps you to get through and help you to experience like it's full of sense. For me, believing that the universe, God, higher power, and support sme, means that I experience in a very joyful way rather than believing you're not supported or that it's actually isn't, it's not a benevolent world. So for me it's really kind of what which one would I prefer to have? Would I prefer to believe that the world is not a place and it's not going to support me. I'm not just saying that everything's going to [inaudible] to God. When it's actually difficult times or challenging times, I'd rather have the belief that I'm being supported. But I won't have a burden place to me more than I could handle. You know what, it's just feel so much more comfortable than going through a bad time, it can go through a good time. An I say Wow this is amazing!, you know, I am being supported all the time. It's not about being a supposed to be optimistic but it's also knowing that in those tough times, it's not being about You know, everything's gonna be fine, everything's gonna be great, and just have that positive mind set. But it's about understanding where it's coming from deep, deeper within. So it's not just the safest thing much to saying it's gonna be better, it's gonna be better. I'm gonna be fine, I'm gonna be fine. I really believe it at a very cellular level. And for me that's how you live hopeful. And I supposed, it's just that question of what would you prefer? You prefer to speak the world is bad and not very nice? You prefer to speak the world is supporting you and loving you and helping you to achieve the best of you can be and [inaudible].

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