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Letting go, forgive and appreciate yourself


_________Nadish Ladha_________ So I tend to ask myself when I know that there is an experience or something that doesn't feel right, I'll ask myself "is this really helping me? Is it doing me any justice?" My guess is you know is holding me back. Do I need told to hold on to it or can I let go of it. And that's the toughest thing for lot of us to do. I know for me there are lot of situations in my life that was very hard to let go. But I found that as soon that I was able to kinda say you know what it doesn't serve me anymore. It's only hurting me. I can let go. It's okay. It doesn't mean that you are condoning it but you are saying I can let it go, I can forgive. So this whole thing about letting go and having self love and I don't mean being conceited but just really appreciating yourself. And we do that we tend to talk to people uh you know how great they are right? How beautiful they are, how wonderful they are and how you know they are so good on what they do and you are actually write for thirty days a good quality about that person. What is it about that person that is actually good.

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