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Be honest and have forgiveness to keep the relationship


Very good question, the first thing I want to say in terms of a good relationship definitely is honesty, be honest about everything, be honest about your feelings, be honest about whether good or bad, be honest about your opinions, be honest about your likes and your dislikes its really important to be honest I think another big key is conflict resolution and I think this is the key that most people dont consider it all what happens whether I have a relationship with my boss, my mother, my father, my sister, my husband, my wife, my children what happens when we have a conflict how to re-resolved that conflict amicably how do we, do we have a process of resolving that conflict so the end of the day everybody feels that their needs have been met thats one of the big things I would say is really important another very big component that I feel is really important is very similar values the more similar your values are the easier it is to agree and one of the things very, very difficult to do is to go on the trip with somebody and you dont agree on what to carry makes it very, very difficult the thing you left behind people are feeling that they need so its really, really important to take that journey that relationship with somebody that has very, very similar values and the last thing that I would say is a really big bucket of forgiveness things happen people do things that we dont like we get hurt our feelings are hurt so a really big bucket of forgiveness for yourself and also for the person that youre in the relationship with.

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