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Balancing science and spirituality


__________________Cynthia Sue Larson___________________ most of the people come to work with me like the fact that im balancing between science ans spirituality coz i do a degree in physics in berkley and _____________________JJ________________ Wow __________________Cynthia Sue Larson__________________ yeah and so _______________________JJ________________ calc base physics either __________________Cynthia Sue Larson_______________ what? _______________________-JJ__________________ im sure is calc base pyhisics that you took _________________Cynthia Sue Larson_________________ i love quantum physics study of basically whats happening in the quantum level is stuff beyond describing happening on ____________________JJ________________ vibrational right? __________________Cynthia Sue Larson________________ were finding in the last 12 months as researchers aroud the world are noticing these thing are happening at the level you can absurb you can hold this diamond in your hands and they can be untagled and move together so people come to me to do an intuative or spiritual coaching session they usually have personal issue in thier live ummm maybe theres something that they try to change they usually understand that to change the outer external aspect of thier live they need to make some changes on the inside thats why they come to me they just love the way that i tracked the science and follow on whats going on the world and also help them listen to thier own intuation and thier own body wisdom if you will just the knowledge that each part of us in our body has so if you got a feeling if tightness in your stomach thats telling you something

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