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The belief system


________Umang Goel_________ I'm a very absolute believer in belief system, the belief system, how we conduct our life based on false beliefs. We are so good at telling ourselves stories. So, 70% of those stories, I believe, is wrong. We tell our self we cannot do this, we are wrong. We tell ourselves, "Oh, this is this way and that way." How do we know that? Just because of what we see, what we hear, conditioning? Seventy percent of the time, we are wrong. We think we are right, but we are wrong. You know, what I'm saying, who knows how much of it... So, it's my perspective. It may not be somebody else's perspective, and if we open ourselves to every individual perspective, growth happens. Growth happening, goodness that is... And, I love listening to people and taking wisdom from everything that is being said whether it's wrong or right in somebody else, it never bothers me. ________JJ Thiret__________ It doesn't matter, right? ________Umang Goel_________ It doesn't matter because I learn so much. ________JJ Thiret__________ I hear what you said, and I heard it in a different way which was what's told to us as children we end up telling ourselves as adults, whether it's bad or good. ________Umang Goel_________ Yeah.

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