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Am i safe and secure with who i am with?


Okay, this is a question about anxiety and what recommendations I would give or will I give them to my soldiers who are injured and anxious? Anxiety is a big killer. People dont feel secure and safe with who they are inside themselves. So, that anxiety comes from what {inaudible} described as the relations instinct and there is a living question that has to be answered every moment of our lives because we are such sensitive and delicate beings on this planet earth. So, he suggests that there is a living question of, Am I safe and secure with who I am with? has to be answered every moment of our lives. And if we dont successfully answer that question, then we will experience the anxiety its called, anxiousness. Effects are cardiovascular, respiratory system. Anxiety is a form of stress as is depression. And another question that we have to answer because were such an unprotected beings is friend or foe?, wherever we are, whoever were with. And thats probably one of the great problems of our day because so many people have feel that they are not safe without a weapon a concealed weapon or weapon in their car or glove compartment. They feel like they need to protect themselves from everybody and everything and many believe they need to protect themselves from our government, they dont trust our government anymore, and there is probably a pretty good reason for that, they dont seem to do the job very well. But the living question, Am I safe and secure with who Im with? if the answer to that inside our self as we look outside ourselves as well. Fear is behind anxiety. One of my great teachers said, when we have fear, were closest to the truth, closest to opening up and allowing ourselves to be joined with our nature, true nature, our nature. Nature itself, all that is. However, our fears block us every time or stop us from engaging one another successfully, feeling safe with one another and without a positive feelings owed. Here is what you can do, observe your breathing. Just notice how it is without changing it. Just notice your breath, how youre breathing, how your lungs fill up from the bottom to the top as you inhale and inhale fully and then as you exhale, your lungs will empty from the top to the bottom. Now, be aware of your belly {inaudible}. First off, just ground our energies. If you really feel stressed and anxious, feel the soles of your feet connecting to earth. As youre noticing your breathing, feel your connection through your feet, the soles of your feet. Make them red like the core of the earth, red, big red, bright red. Feel it in your hands as well. Feel it in your hands and notice how they get red. Use your imagination. Its perfect. Now, feel your butt at the back of your chair if youre sitting like I am, just feel your butt based at the chair. Youre grinding your energies that way. So, there it is. Youre securing your whole being through your mother, your source of nourishment and she shall never let you down. Its just that we, were flying around after time not conscious or aware of whats happening around us, inside or out. And {inaudible}.

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