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Alternative treatment as opposed to scientific treatment


What do you think about uhm..the relation to uhm...learned behaviours and then those behaviours changing so for example uh... so many has PTSD, you do EMDR, you do some therapy as wellandtheir outlook becomes different, their behaviour becomes different uhm...What do you think there's I've heard talk that brain chemistry can change, and for me, even though there's no evidence as well to me it makes more sensehaving the mother who had stroke being able to see how her brain re wired and she was able to do things again and relearn things and and and knowing that, you know, there and there were new pathways madeI would think could that happen when in related to uhm..people who have, as you referred to "a collection of symptoms" and then they become asymptomatic. __________Timothy Hayes__________ Yes I think that that's exactly what happens there's some very solid researchthat's been doneuhm... in neuro science and about neural plasticity and that's been validating the work that's been happening in the coherencetherapy realm wherefour years prior to two thousand and fourpeople believed that once you had a narrow pathwaythat..that learneda behaviour for you..that was there for the rest of your lifeand sotherapies were created to help people learnalternative responses, that..that theoretically we're just laid on top of that other learned behaviour whichwas already there. Neural plasticityand the work that's been done in coherence therapy movementhas very well-documented that if u access that neural pathway and get full awarenessof the..the felt emotional symptoms or are not symptoms but the felt emotionalexperienceof having that pathway activated, you open a windowduring which time that neural pathway can be rewritten. And so instead of simply training other stronger behaviours, I can actually undo the neural pathway that says every time I'm reminded of that traumaor somebody looks at me the way my mother used to right before she wouldhit me, so I would have that response we can literally undothe neural pathways we can relearn a better response to a stimulus

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