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Albert Einstein's unlimited creativity


_______Madison_______: I have to bring up Einstein because he's... _______Andrew_______: Sure. _______Madison_______: He's, he's, from what I know about him. He's pretty I like the godfather perspective in a lot of ways. _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: Um but, what do you, how can we, you know, give him credit to what we know about today? _______Andrew_______: Um, I would say there's a great line between Milton Ericson and, and Einstein, is it the fact that they're always connected to the either. When I say that there is that, that, knowingness of energy around, that, the consciousness of all these great people is still there and the either flowing around, and then we as human beings, we start stepping into our unconscious mind world, where we, we were able to collect, connect to that either element, that is there that brings that unlimited potential, that creativity, that right side of our brain, that we, that allows us to go that one step further as Einstein would, would say it. He would create things in his mind and then, work them through before even actually, physically saw them on the board, you work up those form that in his, his head, which is incredible! _______Madison_______: My gosh! I mean that's like having a, a little chalkboard back there without you know...haha. _______Andrew_______: And then, you wanted it on its own without having to so called, watching it with actually the so called set the wheels in motion, no plan intended. Or allowing it that he could look at it and say okay, this is what needs to be done for this particular formula to, to have a, to come with the outcome that it was looking for and you think about it, when you have an intuitive thought, when you feel inspired in that moment, it's not coming from your, your intellectual, logical mind. You have unknowingly said, since then, oh, I can't see the end but I know this is the right direction, you'd need, need to be going in.

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