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Synthetic toxins and natural toxins that affect our immune system


'------------Adam Adams--------- Now, in very short order what it might be is a synthetic toxin. If you have been swimming in with plutonium, chances are you're going to get sick as for the unfortunate people in a Japanese town with a nuclear situation would have addressed.It could be a natural toxin like radium, radium kills more people than terrorist in North America, and it saynaturally occurring colorless, odorless gas that exist in basements suites. If you don't air your basement suites out, the chances are you got excess radar gas in the house. So synthetic toxins, natural toxins then and you got psychological traumas, emotional trauma, you got physical trauma, being in a car accident can jog the energy system and create a sense of high alert then which in turn knocks on and before you know it, one thing leads to another and the dominoes fall and you get somebody who is quite sick. ---------Madison-------- So these are all different areas that might affect us and our immune system, is that what you are saying? -------Adam Adams------- Yes,

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