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Reframing the negative thoughts for a better life


____Julie simon____ I have a skill on my book where I taught "Catch and Refrain Self-defeating thoughts" is literally you know that catch that thought that you just had there in the dressing room and you say, "I look terrible! I can't believe, I let myself gain weight. I am on the fat fill on the blank; no one will ever love me this way! I hate myself!". Okay. You cannot walk out on the world out of that dressing room and let those thoughts be-- because and only there there gonna cause depression but you you just be I should do this on my group or I hit myself. Right? And if you can see that why why I hit myself. and I said to my clients, "You just be here so fat!" You just wore on the dressing room and you give yourself a really good ??(biding)?? You cannot leave it there. _____J.J. Thiret____ Not only that. Partly, not also convincing on itself that there defective. ______Julie Simon_______ There defective and your last on out state. Right? And perhaps that's what happened in your childhood is that your parent was very critical maybe and judgmental and left you on that state; "you're lazy, I can't believe you're not giving up on exercising, you're never rhyme to". Right? So if heard those messages and now we are saying to ourselves and it's it's really a simple technique could just fix proactive, just catch those negative self-defeating critical thoughts and reframe them. And reframe them into something more positive it could be it doesn't mean you're not gonna have negative thought. We're all gonna have critical judgment or thoughts throughout throughout of our days. We just mean you get more skilled at catching a thought, I I used this example when I give seminars were; let's say today and I'm giving a seminar and I said in a mirror I said, "Oh my God! My hair looks so crap today!" Right? I have in all and it could it doesn't to be my hair; it could be like "oh my skin look so crap today!" Right? I immediately have a reframe that works for me and that's they trying ??(teachable)?? To find reframes that work for them. So, the re reframe that works for me was something like that is if I have a thought "Oh my looks so crap today!", my refrain is; "I'm not my hair!" I have my hair doesn't define who I am! I am this incredible being called Julie! -- who's going out to do something in the world and it doesn't matter what my hairs doing today. And that refrain in three seconds flat grounds need back in reality.

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