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The essence of physical and spiritual energy


What are my views on energy in practice such as [inaudible] of touch, [inaudible] therapy, etc. Well, you can add all that [inaudible] in top of that. What you have to remember is we are, we are made of energy. Both physical and spiritual plus energy interrelate. And what a Reiki Master or [inaudible]. Psychotherapy masters all above. If you try to get the fluid going through you. And remember what I said earlier, all disease is [inaudible] are coming from the blockage. This is all what we're trying to do. You act as a form. Pull off that negative blockage out of you. And if you have the right of charts, I get it by accident for KZ, Madam Blades, even Nostradamus should be bore in the heir of the dragon and pisces that well as anxious and that's what led these people to become prophets, natural healer. To have their own inborn tools to emirate people and their state of dreams. So you cannot take away that we are made of energies. We are the essence of the custody code. If you take the biggest microscope or the biggest telescope, you're going to have to look both side in house. And you're going to see the same design of the connection between the physical and the spirits that the cosmic values, the micros-ism, the micros-ism that we are all interconnected. The ideas to make sure those energy carried through you safely. The only thing I have to add to these is all those practices very worth while but if you become cosmic conscious that will add to your repertoire. Because you need to understand you are a child of a universe. You come from the cosmic. You come from the essence of [inaudible] so if you master the canopy of the universe. If you master it above your head, then you will understand where you stands. That's why there's a word understand. You have to go above to see and under stand where you stand. That's exactly what it is. So if you know about anything's coming from the stars and you master the blue print to the face of the tools of God and how you distribute these energies understand the [inaudible] translate in the [inaudible]. Then there's nothing else to learn. Anything that you have learn [inaudible] you can add to your repertoire [inaudible] by mastering the canopy. That's why I'm telling you, Astrology and Astro-psychology is actually the essence, is the oldest mother of all science that has been taken away [inaudible] by [inaudible] control the information. It will give you also cave teachings [inaudible] what are those all along. So you speak very cautious and very careful. You may consider it as sacred. Because anything that you won't fear, thank God, they're going to hell. In any lights, that's not sake to meet. It could [inaudible] apply. So they can told this as [inaudible] practices use the spiritual meta-physical bodies. The connection between the lines. So you understand how it speaks and present it we all to the human being, under right here which in the body end becoming who they are. So all of it [inaudible].

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