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When you are ready to change and be the best you


Kia ora! Carmel Hotai Cochrane. The question I got in front of me is, when do you know its the right time to seek the support of a counselor, coach, psychologist or a healer? For me, theres a real simple answer. When we seek out that help, its often when we feel, it could be when were feeling really stressed or weve already hit the bottom of the cliff unfortunately or were just finding that we keep repeating the same pattern over and over again or we feel like were stuck and were not too sure how to work through this. I actually believe, each one of those individuals pave {inaudible} paths and peoples lives and that can really make a difference and I think the time to seek someones help professionally when youre ready to want to change and sometimes you might not have the ability to do that straight away but with the support of a good therapist or coach or healer, their role for me is really simple. Their role is to assist you in becoming the best you. And you know thats the way that I {inaudible} my work with my clients and my role is really simple and you know my role is about getting someone to {inaudible} for my healers to speak {inaudible} because I dont believe that we are broken. We might have had terrible experiences that we wish weve never had any experience on that area but the beautiful thing about working with someone that you trust and that you feel comfortable with is, you know, that person is there to hold you to get to the place that you would like to achieve for yourself. And I just want to say, dont wait. See this as an investment in you because that person is helping you to really become the best you.

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