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Dealing with the ptsd symptoms


______________________Dr. Cheryl Arutt________________ i think unless were talking about somebody who has such severe PTSD that they really loose touch with reality and there not oriented to really q uickly i think generally people think that flashback are bigger part PTSD than they really are they are actually not the most prevalent symptoms i think that the car back firing may cause a flashback but it may cause what we call exagerated startle responce which is very very common ___________________________JJ_________________ hormobidity or GDAD or GAD maybe General Anxiety Disorder ______________________Dr. Cheryl Arutt____________ well this is a PTSD symptoms its another PTSD symptoms as well but basically they you know you can know instantly and be oriented instantly to where you are and whats going on your body has become your pytoflight has become disconnected from the present even though your mind is in the present your body goes into that whole alert and so for joe just sitting there with his heart pounding even though he knows oh well its a necessary and very frustrating for joe and really exhausting to keep going into that full scale alert knowing that you dont need to be and really physically a period of time for the body to re absord all that cortisol and adrenalin no matter what you thinking to your self and think they can help you i mean if you go damn it it happen to me again im such an idiot i have no control you gonna stay upset longer but if you can go look this is my system its trying to protect me and i just need to breath you can talk your self down sooner but its takes a lot

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