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When you're aware that something's happening in your life


Im often asked the question, when should I go see a psychotherapist or a healer, a counselor, a psychologist and the answer is basically is, youre aware that something is not working well in your life and youve tried to change it, youve talked to somebody that you trust., youve listened to their suggestions. Weve made a decision whether those suggestions would work for you or not. Weve tried to implement them and they are still not changing, then that will be the time for you to decide , just give me a wrap. I need one more boost. One more step. One more hand held out to help me over this because I wanna let you know that even as a psychotherapist and a life coach when I help my clients, when I see them 1 hour a week, Im not gonna change their life. All I can do is to give them the strategies that I can be the objective mirror for them to start to challenge them on the ways that they think about things, to have them maybe change, have them think what they do and that happens in the other 23 hours of of that day and the other 24 hours ion the other 6 days that I dont see them. So, you will be making those changes yourself. All youll do when you come again hopefully, is to keep an open mind and hear what somebody would have some training has to offer you. And the part that I want you to take away from this is for you to come in and see a psychotherapist or a life or you call them{inaudible} whichever way that you deal with this is actually {inaudible} because it does {inaudible} to say, You know what, the story of my life is not working so well. I actually need help. So if you decide to do that, I want you to reach over, pat yourself on the back and say, Way to go. That took a lot of courage and I am getting the help that I need so that I get to create ways that I want and I think its going to be fantastic. So, here you go. Have a great life!

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