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What is reality shifts?


_________ Cynthia Sue Larson _________ It's called "Reality Shifts - when consciousness changes the physical world" I had this amazing experience in 1994 when I was 32 years old. I guess, the common term for it is kundalini awakening. And, I just felt like I was sort of running electricity through my body. And, subsequent to that experience I started noticing things that would appear and disappear, transform or transport around me, which I call that reality shifts, which is why I wrote a book about it. And, some people are aware of this phenomenon or they do wondering. And, you just, you know. You run a load of washing and you get your socks out, and a sock is missing, maybe two socks are missing. Um, there's no explanation for where they went. And, sometimes things happen and you set your keys down when you're getting ready to go. It usually happens when you're in a big hurry and you need to get where you're going. But they you look a few minutes later, right there where they were just earlier and they're there. So, it's sort of like they vanished and came back. So, that's this whole topic. But, it also incorporates the idea of synchronicity, spontaneous remission of disease. Um, things are just teleporting, transforming, and all these shananagans are going on.

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