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Best thing to improve your relationship with your partner


The secrets of healthy relationships, If we were to try and understand why do we have relationships, why do we have a partner and what was the path that fulfil you most and in how do i wanted to treat that partner, often when we have relationships and partners because their office offer an opportunity for us to CEOs they offers us the opportunity to experience something of ourselves and for what a bit of word there are perfect mirrors of who we are so with that in mind when you take our partner you are going to be taking a bit of a roller coaster of yourself so if you try and understand that and you see those bits and pieces that fall apart from your relationships and yourself so how that does relate to me, how do I look like in that, why is my partner showing me that, how I have my actions encourage my partner to behave in this way and by starting to look at your actions and your evolvement that way you are healing yourself basically, you are becoming a better person and then you A. you are going to enjoying your partner more because your partner is offering you an opportunity he was offered, so you dont have to see a shrink or any (inaudible) person like me, and your partner is going to feel that they have a plus in your life because you are beginning to understand who they are and youre beginning to take notice of how they are behaving on what they have to say to you and they in turn will be doing the same to you so theres a (inaudible) effect there. What do I think that some you become quite needy in relationships so often we take our partner because we need something that partner has something that we do not have so therefore theyre holding a particular place and theyre putting us in a particular place emotionally, so I (inaudible) understanding of this and one of the (inaudible) structure says that they honour the being as they follow them as behold and (inaudible) source all the time but also theyre quite more of an effect that they (inaudible)and they add a little bit of the same effect may have been forgiven for any witnesses showing that act, so what does it means? It means that for me my partner is perfect, (inaudible) full of life, doesnt need anything from me she has everything that she needs, (inaudible) completely. But also Im knowledge that I have some witnesses and sometimes my vision of her may wonder and sometimes vision of her might not be as perfect as I like it to be encouraging her to step out of that perfection that she is she intend to feel honest for the fact that I honour her completely she feels free to behave whatever what she wants to and in a sense that for me its enchanting I will enjoy seeing her for who she is so I think those little steps there are probably one of the most important things that people should look for in a relationship, and one of the key things are also I think we should save ourselves from what we want to say to our partner is when Im just about to say something I ask myself a question in my mind, how will I behave if somebody told me what I was just about to tell him, how do I feel when Im just about to hear you when Im just about to tell him if I dont feel good then dont say it, if I feel great then say it, I think thats probably a really easy way for most people to improve their relationship.

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