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Hi! Id like to talk to you about what makes people happy. This is one of my favorite topics because I love to be happy and I do my best to make other people happy too. One of the best ways to do that is to raise endorphins. There are many ways to raise endorphins but this one is my favorite, you raise your arms in the air and {inaudible} the dark. It takes 3 seconds and you get an instant shower of endorphins. Endorphin's {inaudible} feels good. You can do this alone or with friends. You can do it three times in a row. You get a power pack of endocrines. Its so much fun. Its so good. I have become quite famous for teaching people to do tada and a result, everywhere I go, there are people who greet me and say, Ta-da! and raising their arms. My friend have written a song about Ta-da! because it makes him feel so good and when they taped it out and played it to their audiences, they make all of them to feel good too. Finding simple easy way to make yourself great endorphins is a wonderful thing. Another one is music. If you start your day singing. If you sing throughout your day, it doesnt matter if you can sing well or not but it makes you happy and thats what you want, is to be happy. Why is happiness so important? Because everything comes out of it.. People heal themselves {inaudible}, terrible diseases like cancer, by laughing and making themselves happy,. You can find it hard to make your own self happy, you can go {inaudible} a yoga and laugh there but by doing ta-da everyday, you will bring up your endorphin, your endorphin mood and your vibration, {inaudible} feel good. So, right now, Im going to give ta-da with you. Im gonna ask you to please {inaudible} and sing your song. {inaudible}can do that{inaudible}. Ta-da!Hahaha! Ta-da! Hahaha! You deserve to feel happy. Use ta-da, sing a song, enjoy your life!

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