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Our mind is so strong it can manipulate how we feel, so be careful


There's absolutely no doubt that there is a very strong connection between the mind and the body and obviously the way we think and our thought process definitely affects how we feel. Our thoughts evoke, our emotional response in our physical body. Our thoughts are like, I mean we think, they say we think, thousands of thoughts, thousands of thoughts everyday. And you can always tell by another human being how they're feeling. They don't even have to speak. You know, you just observe a human body, you can see that if, you know depending how they carry themselves, they might carry themselves like very closed, head down, they could be walking and looking, you know, very down in the road. There's somebody like that possible into a room. Maybe you're in a meeting or whether it's a party situation. You know somebody will walk in, you know, you won't want to approach somebody who is closed and is obviously not thinking and feeling very happy and positive. Whereas you'll have somebody else walked into a room and they maybe feeling larger than life and we all know people like that. We want to be around those people because they're soothing a good energy. They obviously thinking positively and that reflects in their physical body. Absolutely no doubt about it and as I was practicing therapist first many years and I still am. And the reason I got into energy healing etc. and studying the eastern traditions was because my own ill health and you know connection medicines just didn't have the answers for me. So I was fascinated by the eastern teachings as fascinated by the eastern teachings. So and I learned how our thoughts affect our energy. How our thoughts evoke the emotions and consequently affect our physical and affect our organs. So it's really fascination so this has no be no doubt definitely feel that link between the mind and body connection is very strong. No doubt. We live in a holographic universe. Everything is connected, our mind, our body, our emotions, everything. We are all connected to each other. And we are cells the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we communicate also has a huge impact on the people around us. And obviously if I'm not having a good day, if I'm not feeling very well, you know, if I'm not in check with how I'm feeling, you know I can affect another human being by conveying that through my energy without ever saying anything. So it's a great opportunity for all of us to just keep [inaudible] because no doubt, the energy of our thoughts has an effect on our physical body.

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