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Doing good without asking in return


One of the things I feel strongly about is ethics when human beings and what I mean with people that interact with other people within their life and of the strong ethics standard for I believe that I want people to treat me the same way as I treat them I dont believe in lying to people I dont believe in cheating people I dont believe in taking something or getting something for nothing I supposed the strongest feeling I have is to do with the universe I believe in giving to people without wanting something back in return I believe in giving freely and by that I mean if I have something and somebody needs us I will give it to that person without asking him for anything back without asking any favors or without even (inaudible) if I (inaudible) thats sometime the future did (inaudible) owe me a favor I believe that every time you do something for somebody out of the goodness of your heart you'll be rewarded for tenfold and just to give you an idea of that I was traveling back to my home some years ago off of this motor way and there was these two old ladies who were broke down and I stopped and I got them carry off the road and I offered them a lift to wherever they were going so when I got there they were insistence and very apologetic thats they should give me some money for my troubles and for taking me out of my way and all that and I insist that I would have done it for anybody on the road I wouldve stopped and helped and since that I didnt want any money and I knew they got new (inaudible) anyways so as I was calling off one of the little old ladies came up to me and she (inaudible) free ticket in my pocket and she said I just bought that in town and it's yours and (inaudible) I hope you win a million Euros (inaudible) we have process in Euros so I left it in my pocket until I got home, I got home and changed and my took the ticket out of my shirt and I scratch off the (inaudible) numbers now I didnt won a million Euros or a ten thousand Euros but I did win 500 Euros and which I thought it was very good but I wasnt happy with 500 Euros because I went back to that little old ladies and I want to give them back the 500 so they wouldnt have so they insisted that fair if I wouldnt take the money at least take half and they will take half so we set the loan up and that is my idea that the universe will always give you back tenfold what you put out there and I believe that when you give something away freely the universe will pays you back and you will get what you want out of life and you will always come up top so you should never have to choose someone or steal from someone or just be a dishonest person and a good friend of mine Bill Yao who runs a (inaudible) dojo movements around the world and starting of an (inaudible) and the premises (inaudible) that Bill started that as a free movement along with James Welton and how it works is this communities giving back to the community so matters involved in programming HTMLs, CSS, java script and many other different disciplines within the IT sector they give their time freely and business is give space freely, rooms, offices, companies such Hewlett Packard and all that give away free computers to be his clothes free printers so am I (inaudible) and all that now it's a movement thats gives with goodwill and everybody gives in for goodwill to this day (inaudible) doesnt have a bank account he doesnt need one because everything they want for the clothes indulges that have spread around the world they just have to ask and somebody somewhere will come up with what they're looking for they will come up with whether it's a printer or a computer it's some circuit boards office space whatever more mentors people who can talked about a specific area so I feel strongly about giving freely and receiving my rewards from the universe. Thank you.

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