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There's no point of working hard if you're not healthy


Why did somebody try to be healthier? Well, I think its kind of obvious because once youll die you cant take your money with you and whats the point you know, I mean the whole point of working hard and you know hoarding money and saving up is to have a better quality of life and you cannot enjoy that if youre not healthy and I mean Ill give you a short, little you know, anecdotes story you know whatever you want to call it, I knew this baker he owned like a large chain of bakeries he was extremely wealthy but this guy was really huge I mean, he was obesely, morbidly overweight and he then as a result of that had a heart condition and he then had a stroke and after having that stroke he was then send to a hospital but the point Im trying to make is despite having so much of money like he was a millionaire but in spite of that, that was not something that could save him any you know died because of cardiac complications so the point Im making no matter how much money you have health truly is wealth because if you are not healthy you cant enjoy yourself, you cant enjoy the basics that all of us take for granted and being healthy is a huge plus because being healthy opens yourself up, being healthy makes you ready to embrace the opportunity that tomorrow brings if youre sick or if you are unhealthy or if you are less healthy even if you have that desire, the drive you wouldnt be able to fulfil it because the body itself cannot support it so you need to get your body to a point where well at least good enough I mean like look at me I mean Im not in any shape or form, my ideal health but Im at least at a place where Im constantly trying to (inaudible) and you know eat the right foods and things like that and its an on-going thing so, I think it really make sense to be healthy its the smartest decision you can take and plus if youre healthy your health insurance is going to be really low as well so, I mean think about that so, it makes money sense to be healthy and honestly medical bills today are excessively high so you really dont want that added expense in your life.

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