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The power of hypnosis


Ive been training people to be hypnotherapist for 25 years, Ive been in private practice for 25 years and in that time Ive learn that my approach is rather unique and I dont consider hypnosis something special or something different that ordinary consciousness. Its important to understand that language is hypnotic, language is inherent hypnotic or thinking consciousness is inherently hypnotic its very empowering to understand that makes change much easier when you understand that your internal dialogue your subconscious gossip if you will is a stream of hypnotic suggestions if you tell yourself youre not good enough for example and you have an emotional response to that thought you know or feeling sad or hurt or afraid youve just accepted the hypnotic suggested that youre not good enough and enter the hypnotic state of that sadness or fear or whatever so what is the role of hypnosis we live in hypnosis all the time so its not so much what is the role of hypnosis but what is the role of developing clarity about the hypnotic nature and quality of our experience of our thinking and of our the way we proceed the world so its not something separate from us that you can look at and say what is it good for were completely involved in hypnotic phenomena all the time its how we create our experience giving ourselves suggestions telling ourselves what things we need and whats in it for us they have thats all suggestive its important to realize that it removes a big problem also people think what if I cant be hypnotize this very common concern even among hypnotist having to determine whether somebody is hypnotizable well if you understand that language is inherently hypnotic and the thinking mind is inherently hypnotic then theres no question about whether people can be hypnotized they all, were always already hypnotized our problem is our hypnotic states and I tell people once I have them in my office and Ive explain this I say now that you know this I can tell you that what I really do is the hypnosis wake you up from your debilitating hypnotic states and that I can advertise that because if I advertise the hypnosis people dont know that theyre already hypnotized and they see the hypnosis and they think well I dont need that and no one will show up so it brings us smile but it also again its empowering to people to realize that their problems are not real things separate from them that are attacking them that they are based the sense of a problem and then obstacle is the effect of believing hypnotic suggestion and if you look at what those suggestions are and anecdote them with better hypnotic suggestions like instead of Im not worthy and Im stupid and I should know things even before Ive had a chance to learn them which is an embedded suggestion people dont realize that theyre being affected by and it alarms the delight of learning if you, if you replace that with Im worthy and I have a right to learn in my own and that my learning process has its own integrity and theres I dont need to be concerned what other people think they should best pay attention to their own learning to their own life that kind of hypnosis is very beneficial so what is it good for, its good to use the hypnotic power your own mind to recognize you are already a master hypnotist and, and to then use it intentionally use your hypnotic ability, use the hypnotic effective language to intentionally dissolve and remove the suffering thats being caused by negative hypnotic suggestion that you are been giving to yourself but youre unaware that theyre hypnotic suggestion and that you have a right to challenge them and dismiss them.

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