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Simple and practical tips on how to achieve a fulfilling job or career


There was a time when I hated my job. And I wanted to leave. I didn't know what I wanted to do next but I was feeling miserable. Well, I have a coach. And my coach said to me, "Chris, what are you grateful for in this job?" And at first I had a hard time thinking about it. And then I realized I appreciated the people, I appreciated learning, I appreciated the flexibility of the job. It was just the type of job I had was rather boring to me. But when I realized what I appreciated about it, I started to like it a lot more. And that allowed me at that time to start examining what are other areas that I would like to get into? So, being grateful for what you already have even if it's just some small thing really is very good. Another strategy is to think of yourself as the CEO of I Incorporated. You are not an employee of a job. You are contracted with them to provide value. So, you start thinking and acting like an entrepeneur because today the employee model just doesn't work. Job security isn't there anymore. But work security is if you start looking at yourself as you're the CEO and what you provide is your service. So, how can you be more valuable? What skills do you have? What is your brand and that's your value statement. What do I do that's really good? You maybe using your skills in a way in tasks that you're really not enjoying. But what can you do to get the tasks that you really enjoy doing? So, another way of looking at is getting a board of directors which could include a mentor, people you trust as peers to ask their advice as well, or hiring a coach in order to really look at who am I, what do I do well, what do I love to do and where can I do it in a better more pleasing way? It might be changing an industry. It could be just changing a job or could be just changing your attitude.

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