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Show different kinds of love everyday


What are some of the secrets to a healthy relationship does most people are (inaudible) unaware of? Well, thats a tough question in a sense that you know, some people are aware of some things other people are, are not aware of some things I mean the obvious things are communication is key, honesty is key being able to share vulnerability and kept on a deeper level I think is key these are things that some people know about some people dont know about but if I were to try to take this a little bit more knish and more deeper I mean one of things I would talk about it that share vulnerability is a tough thing but the person that you spend the rest of your life whether you have a fantastic relationship was and Im thinking from a partner prospective being willing to communicate openly and honestly and with vulnerability is an amazing thing if you can have it but lets talk about love, I mean love is something that its a state of being but its also an action so once you could be to have several acts of love everyday theres a book of their called the Five Languages of Love and the, the different ways that we express or feel love are to touch through words through access service through gifts and through quality time if youre able to and some people like, like my wife for example she, she and I share some of our values in terms of touch and words but were different in terms of access service versus quality time so nor theres a difference helps us understand that when shes expressing love and I dont really see it I now know what to appreciate it and when Im expressing love and she doesnt see it I know now that you know she, she knows now to appreciate it so expressing love on a daily basis, love is also verb so you have to act on it every day and the more you act every day you actually find its a much healthier relationship. Now when it comes to your friends the best secret I find with, with healthy relationship with friendship is to tell them how you feel about them I mean you think about it with the relationship but with the you know intimate relationship you tell your wife or your partner that you love them how often do you tell your friends you love them or how often do you tell your friends I really care about you or I think you are important to me in my life that type of gratitude that type of love that you give is actually a fantastic thing if youre willing to give it and whats funny is over the years I, Ive been willing to tell people that I want to invest in our friendship what i tell them (inaudible) that I, I really care about them and most of the time it works well sometimes it doesnt but in most cases the ones (inaudible)the connections are really matters the connections that really want to maintain a fantastic relationship with you, they will respond very, very well because it shows again that your investing in them and who they are and then the last thing I would say is you get a healthy relationship is that often times your job is not to give advice your job is not to tell them what to do your job is just to listen, listen without giving advice give listen without giving judgement listen without giving them a course of action because they dont really either need to hear it at that point or they dont want to hear it at that point so if you could listen, truly listen without actually saying anything thats actually great secret to a healthy relationship.

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