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The guide to aone minute meditation for busy people


The best way I believe to help busy Type A people take time out to create a daily meditation practice is to show them or tell them how they can create a one-minute meditation practice. And this is possible. The problem with meditation is people thinks they are like some Buddhist monk upon the top of a mountain sitting there for hours or even days on it meditating. And sometimes when I began my meditation practices, it felt like 20 minutes felt like forever. And I choose didn't want to do it's a bit like going out a jagger, going out, going on that a dieter. Trying to do something new or change path have at some create good habits it choose feels like it. You choose pressure. Now the thing I came across which help me and it still serves me the most beneficial part of meditation that I experienced and that is a one-minute meditation. So if you want busy people to get involved in meditation, the only real way to do that is to show them how they can do it fast. And believe me, it can be done. Now a one-minute meditation practice takes 3 minutes. You have about one to one and a half minutes preparation or even two. And then one minute actually meditating. And you can do this anywhere. Wants it in a quiet place, wants it somewhere where you want to be disturb for 3 minutes. Now this meditation is similar to any other meditation. What it is simply that you go to this place, you stand there, relax and close your eyes. And in the normal way the meditation you need to let all the stress and all the energy flow. Starting from the top of your head just let it all go, let it all fall down as if it's emptying. As if you're emptying it. A kettle, you are just emptying a pot of water or barrel of water, you are just emptying it, it's all coming down there. Being followed by a nice wipe brighter and nice blue light and nice warm blue light, coming down, following the stresses. Stress fall right down through your head, through your neck, unto your shoulders and then from your shoulders down to your arms and to your main body. Right through on to your legs, right down until it get to the floor itself. When the life we choose to floor, you start to meditate, you are now fully relaxed. All the stress has left your body and you just relax. Now if talks to flow into your mind, just let them flow by. Just let flow fast and float on float on by. Don't think about them. Don't entertain them. Just let flow by. Don't try to dismiss or deny them but there just let them go. Let them go during that minute. And stand there, relax, and just breath normally. Breath in through your nose, and out to your mouth, into your nose and out to your mouth. And after one minute, which you'll know it's one minute. You don't have to time it, you will know.. Just gently come back into your space. When feel ready, open your eyes. And believe me, you will feel refreshed. This has taken 3 minutes. If it takes 4 minutes or 5 minutes, it's not gonna make much difference if it take 2 minutes that's okay too. But just try this and do this. But one thing I can guarantee is that you will feel benefit from and you will feel bare, you will feel more relaxed, and you will feel in a better place and prepared to attend whatever your thing, whether you're gonna meet a client or whatever you have to do. You will feel better for that. In meditation itself is you really need to find time to go and learn how to meditate. If you don't know how to meditate you need to find that out first. And preferably go and do extra work course or some short training that will teach you how to meditate and the different ways you can meditate and how to sell a meditation practice at own home. You can find that at a local Buddhist center. They will all run courses to teach and they won't try and force you to join Buddhism or any other thing. So for me, if you're busy person, you can do a one-minute meditation which I say takes 3 minutes and it's all worth it. Trust me. Don't take my word for it. Come and dot it and try it yourself.

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