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Changing the perspective towards problems


______Julie Richer____ you know we're on the four was like why is this happening and you know, life sucks, and I'm being challenged now, it's like "Wow, challenges, opportunity" or "Ooooh, this is not working, I need to reflect on that" or so her outlook on life completely changed. I don't have to say from most of my clients that happens. Huge shift in prospective, hmmm... from cursing life to loving life and I am not going to say "Ohhh... Love all the time means..." Love doesn't mean equal happiness a hundred percent of the time, I want to be clear on that but, you know love is knowing that the challenges are there for reason, for you to grow and for you to evolve. And that there are moments then that are extremely pleasant, then that you know... You feel you'll a little bit of an ecstasy there and you can appreciate you know, those beauties of life. Or, just as nature you know, how beautiful nature is. But, you know, basically, I am really going have to say that is a huge shift, hmmm... increase confidence and courage, so could be from one of my clients who's been warning to get clearest to what he do with this. It's funny how it starts a lot career, but it shifts into life after, but you know, wondering if he's stay in his business with her partner or leave and create this dream retirement life that he's misdreaming about. Total lost, unclear... Spent most of his years being stamped on by his business partners, so that was you know, difficult for him to make that decision to even step up to the plate and really do it, and so we got clear, we can configure out, you know some patterns just to why he was on that certain way, and you know, we cleared that stuff and he's creating that retirement life as we speaks so, and you know, hold them the guns and being upfront with these business partners, so that's huge

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