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Take away your fears, have faith in god


Ok. So, If youre anxious all the time, its probably because youre fearful of something. Youre fearful of either maybe its financial related . Maybe youre fearful of how youre gonna come up with the money to make your car payment or how youre gonna pay your car insurance or how youre gonna pay your wifes hospital bills, how youre gonna pay your student loans, how youre gonna pay, I dont know, your college funds, your kids college funds. I dont know, I mean, Im just making this up but maybe these could be some fears that you may have. Youre uncertain about the future thats why youre anxious and my solution, maybe it does work for you maybe it doesnt, and I dont mean to offend anyone but Im just sharing that this is my solution. My Solution is having faith in God. Know that youre a child, a son or daughter of God. Have faith in Jesus Christ because He has truly transformed my life and the way that He has transformed my life is because I have given all my problems to Him and I know that Im kept by Him and Im maintained by Him and that He will never forsake me. So, by this belief of mine that He will never forsake me and that no Harm will come to me has allowed me to take certain decisions and certain steps that I would not have otherwise taken because I now know that I have safety {inaudible}of thoughts in Jesus Christ. So, if theres a church in your community, I would suggest that you reach out to the church, speak to a pastor about this, about your fears and ask your pastor about how Jesus can help in taking away your fear, Because the way it has worked for me is , its like, I just a simple prayer. This is my fear. This is my problem. You fix it. It doesnt need to be poetic or articulate or anything fancy like that. You just need to pretty much say it in whatever language you want whether its English, Spanish or whatever and give your problems over to Him. Hes gonna solve it for you. Thats it. Of course, you need to have the faith.You need to accept Him as your Lord and Saviour. By accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour gives you access to His heavenly might and when you have access to His grace and mercy, you then can ask of Him and He will never forsake you. He Will always support you and you will feel that because you will feel that change in your life once you accept Jesus into your heart. And this is something that now I dont have any fear. I dont proceed through life in fear. I know that I could be taken care of. I know that success will find me because thats the desire in my heart. I know that my desires will be blessed and will be fulfilled . So, I would strongly urge you to speak to a pastor to find out more about this, go to a church, attend Sunday service and I truly think that can completely solve your anxiety because once you have that peace in your heart, thats it. Theres is no other peace and fulfillment like it on the planet and I think thats something that can really help so I would suggest you do that.

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