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The price of really living your life


'---------Adam Adams--------- and in our pay, we call it congruence, and congruence is way you live your message. Jack Welsch is a famous CEO, he was the CEO. His message was about cash; his message is about the bottom line. His message is about do what it takes to make it process and you can't just quit because that was he is about. But take a look at it, he doesn't look nervous, he doesn't look healthy. I know some seventy years olds who look forty; Jack Welsch is one of them. So, I might question to the audience is this: "Would you like to be at hundred? Two hundred years old and in fighting for condition, loving life, or would you rather have a ton of cash and be whether in parish because you are focuses is in wrong things is life." When it comes to money goes, but health is irreplaceable, peace of mind is irreplaceable, having loving and meaningful relationship is irreplaceable, for lots of people by the way, that does impress me, I get ten billion dollars, ten million dollars, money, money, money, and tell me if wrong, I love money, money allows us to do good things, but in the end, you know, you can't take your cars with you. You can't take your yachts with you, and what I find very interesting is how many of the really very rich. The Bill Gates, the Wor and Buffets in the World, has started to look into the future and say "Hang for a second, maybe I am not going to be here so much long, and now I am thinking about being good." Because you know what, I don't' know whether your audience believes in Karma or not, that might experience as the therapist suggest that. Won't we put out does come back to us, and that not just an in terms of money but in terms of health. If you are poisonous person while build gossip, that is not good for you, it's not good for you, and so, putting my hand on my chest, the fact that I go to that sick to the point where it would have killed me, is not a testament to the fact that I lived to a great life doing charity work with starving check, because I didn't, I chase the money, and I was capped roach and I was not the best person and was basically given a choice. You have to live, and not just live but do better, do good, change, and you know, that's a process, and you are claiming to be the same today but I am a lot [[WERESERRER???]] when I was before I get sick so that's financial.

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