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Respect and clear respectful communication: secrets of a healthy relationship


Most people are trying to say that the secret of a healthy relationship is love. Maybe not that simple. It's a keyword we all tend to use maybe too loosely. Perhaps, try this one full sight. The secret of a healthy relationship is respect and yes I am talking respect in two ways. In order to respect your partner in your relationship whether they be a love, are a business partner, a family partner or family partner in a relationship you are with, you first have to respect yourself . As Gandhi eloquently say, "Be the Change you wish to see in the World." Therefore, it is my desire that other people respect me , I have to treat other people with respect first and in order to do that, I first have to respect myself. What is the reason that I have to put respect in a high priority than love because weve been told by the media and movies and everybody around us that love is the beginning and the end of everything. The reason why I put respect on a high level is, it is impossible for me to love somebody if I dont respect him but it is very possible for me to respect somebody and not necessarily love them. This is an example of a university lecture that I really admire. And I would think that he's a great person and I could think that he is really competent on the job he does, therefore I respect him or her tremendously but I am not necessarily in love with him or love them. Or either is it possible for me to love somebody yet does respect him at the same time? No. That's not possible. Therefore, in my humble opinion, in my respectful opinion, the secret to a healthy relationship is respect. The second thing which is extremely important in any respectful relationship is communication. Clear, concise, honest communication, if possible in real time. That means to talk in a respectful way about matters that are concerning in real time as they happen. Have the courage to put your heart on the table and talk about those things that matter to you. Own your stuff, own what is happening to you and try not to fall into the trap of blaming the other person of what is happening to you. Your feelings are not facts, not at all. Those are only feelings. Ask questions. Ask questions around solutions. Ask questions what the base outcome would be in a particular scenario and how you can do differently. Try that . With respect and with clear respectful communication, see what difference it makes to your relationships. Enjoy!

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