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We are all connect to each other in various ways


__________Harry Kroner__________ We're connecting in a different level, like I kind a can, on, on a s.. on a spiritual level, on whole earth level as, as humanity, every human where vibrate. If they're currently, are not vibrating the same place, It doesn't mean that they're n, we're not connected. If you think about it, a good example for, will be for example, ah.. two leaves that comes from different branches on the same tree, they might receive this different type of light, they might receive different amount, they're, they're, they're totally m..moving differently ah ah, in the wind. So, if you think about it, if they had their singular consciousness, they would think that they're completely separate, or if they go down to the trunk, they're so connected. okay? so, It's, It's a connection on deeper level. We can still influence our vibrate in a positive way, and that is really what Is all about bringing this work into, into the world. It's more and more of us that are bringing more and more of this positive light work, that, that are bringing more and more of the lightness. Harry Kroner : into, into the world, and It's, and this is a, this is really my mission on a deepest level, to bring more light and, and shift people from the, from the, amm.. sense of disconnection that they have with that universal life force with that, with everything that is.

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