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Find time to meditate


So, even the busiest people can find time to meditate. All its required is the willingness to look within and listen. What meditation really is, is just .. its just looking within and recognizing whats there and not fighting it or just kind of observing it first. So when people think of meditation, they might think of someone like..Ohhh, or they might think of complete zen and bliss.For most people who meditate, its not like this. They might enter this point every now and then. Hahaha! But a lot of the time, its just lots of thoughts going round and round and round but instead of being identified with those thoughts and believing, instead were just choosing to observe them instead. And to give yourself time to this kind of observe, your thoughts, it can create more inner peace and then when youre not meditating and theres so many things going on around you, you can just observe the {inaudible}. So, its really, really beneficial to have a daily meditation practice. I would say, to incorporate daily meditation practice, it would be really good to meditate a certain time everyday. So, just choose a time when you think that you wont be disturbed, can be one minute, two minutes, five minutes, half an hour, whatever you like. You probably heard people talking about meditation for half an hour or an hour everyday or few hours . That doesnt mean that you have to meditate for half an houror an hour. You can meditate for however long or however short you wish and even starting with one minute meditation a day is gonna be hugely beneficial. So, youre the one who decides how long youll meditate for and you dont have to tell anyone about it or anything. So even in a day you can find one minute where you wont be disturbed so it could be when youre in bed in the morning, it could be when you get up in the morning , before you go to work, could be on your lunch break, could be in the bathroom, on the toilet. Really, it can be actually anywhere. Whatever is going on around you doesnt really matter. The most important thing is that you just wont be disturbed and youre just giving yourself the time to just listen to whats going on inside you. So, that it really. So, if you want to meditate at the same time everyday, you could set an alarm on your {inaudible}. Set an alarm so you know its the time to meditate or when its just going up to the time and nobody has to know that so if youre in a group of people or something you could excuse yourself , you dont even have to tell them that youre meditating. Really its just willingness and desire to meditate and just start wherever you are comfortable. Youre the one who makes your own rules. Nobody can tell you that thats right or wrong. So, if you wanna start with 30 seconds everyday or whatever you think is a good starting point, 30 seconds, 1 minute and if thats really really comfortable for you then you can build up to 2 minutes, 3 minutes and just try to be really kind of gentle with yourself. So, if youre finding it hard and youve got lots and lots of thoughts going on in your mind, thats perfectly ok. Meditation is not aiming to stop your thoughts. The aim is just to observe your thoughts and just kind of create space around everything thats going on in your mind. So,thats all. Thank you for listening. Bye!

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