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Surviving food addiction


__________Madison __________ What um ,is going inside of someone that they feel controlled by food? __________Sandra__________ So, It, from me it was an absolute addiction to food and so it's no different in someone who has to use alcohol or drugs and the main driver to most addictions is pain and so I was in a lot of emotional pain and I needed something to get through the day and that, so that became food and at first It would kind of work and it was nice to like sort of burry my sorrows in an entire cake and then pass out for the night not have to think about what was going in my life. But after a while it over takes you and it becomes what you lived for and what you're looking for your next fix. And food addiction is really not understood by many people right? it's-it's-it's you know you often get the, you know, yeah I like cake too but I know how to stop and it's-it's just not the same and it's the exact same problem with the alcohol [?] that once they start once they take first drink they can't stop the [?] it's just not going to be enough and so learning how to just not go there anymore and once you put the food down well now you're got to learn how to cope with life. How are you gonna deal with the all the reasons you were eating so you-you sort of come out of this state of-of unconsciousness and-and go out and now I gotta live life on my terms and figure out how to do this because when I started using food I also stopped maturing emotionally so whenever something would happen instead of dealing with it or the more your life skills I would run to the food and I would just walk out in a food bench and not have to deal what was at hand and I rob myself with many opportunities to grow. And so you put food down and then about to start doing right rather develop this new coping mechanisms and develop some life skills.

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