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Meditation is a powerful tool


_____________________JJ___________________ the method that you use that it help clear the crazy thoughts that like people get when they meditate and all suddenly hear all those and i guess they refer to those as the monkey mind. __________________Cynthia Sue Larson__________________ meditation is a powerfull tool and its a catch term just like chigong its a huge huge tools and a toolkit that each of us access to all the time so meditation is a combination of focus and its just really getting centered being aware of who you are and we might think is very simple to identify your sel but not that such thing. ____________________JJ___________________ mmmmm hmmmm ________________Cynthia Sue Larson_________________ its simple but its not easy to really be a graspfull and get all the time _____________________JJ_________________ well,im doing it wrong but im on that search for _________________Cynthia Sue Larson________________ then you know that when you get that view from above and you look at yourself and you can see thats the one who is having such expirience that one rigt there that cynthia one is having those feeling is a level of detachment thats give you a gift in that experience that awareness of recognizing that if im the one observing this and who i am really?it really raises some amazing question about our own identity if were able to absorb out mortal self then it has a big implecation for own immortality if you will.

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