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Make meditation a part of your daily routine


Hi, My name is Justine and I am talking to you from Equilibria Coaching which is the coaching company that I have . So, for busy people who wish to start a meditation practice, theres really only one piece of advice that I would give and that would be to make it part of your daily routine. So, put it in there like cleaning your teeth because if you cant do that, its just not gonna happen especially when youre so busy. A lot of people the best time to do it is first thing in the morning before they do anything else so literally upon getting out of bed which is a great time because youre still feeling a bit sleepy and you can just go and sit up and get into a nice comfortable chair and just start 20 minutes. Most people plan that once they start meditating, they just wish to keep it up because its so good for calming your nervous system, for clearing your thoughts, for everything to do with your day. And I would suggest if morning time doesnt fit, the other option is to do it in the evening not other factor because it doesnt set you up for the day but really anytime, you can do it even if you got a 20 minute lunch break, go into a quiet room, sit in a chair, close your eyes and just calm your thoughts. Our meditation is one of those practices but the more you do it, the more you benefit from it. I made a commitment this year that I was gonna start trying to meditate everyday. At first, it was tough. It was tough to find a time to do it and I missed a couple of days and I should know, the only way Im gonna be able to know if this is really effective is do it every single day. So {inaudible} takes 30 days to build the habit . So, I made the commitment to myself, I was gonna meditate everyday for 30 days. I set a specific time to do it everyday. Again, once I got in, once I passed the 8th day, Ive really really started to see the benefits. I felt my {inaudible} level {inaudible} . I feel calmer about things. I felt happier and I actually, I really enjoyed those 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes just refreshed me beyond old belief. I just feel there are enough good things you can play about meditation and I think in particularly A type people who never stop. You have to check them with yourself every now and then. Its all about self awareness and it will take time for the mind to calm down but its practice, practice, practice , practice and I would say,all the benefits far far far out way and the incovenience is having to take timeout. In fact busy A type people are very organized usually so putting 20 minutes into their day should be possible because they are very good at organizing with time and I would suggest, its a great way and the benefits are just outstanding. So I think its great idea having everybody benefit from it . Its great for your health, its great for your mental health, your physical health, every part of you. So, I would suggest take {inaudible} today and see how you do. {inaudible}. So, thank you very much!

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