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Dealing with post traumatic stress disorder


____________________Gui Mansilla____________ it is very challenging for somebody that has been traumatized to let go and become present for the moment of fun. So the challenge is that, there is a condition in the body, the things that are going to be... are going to become dangerous, if you relaxed and allow yourself to be vulnerable. That maybe is the overall sense of somebody that has been highly traumatized and still having process of the traumatic experience. So the challenge is to really develop and create together with the people we are working with is a sense of safety and sense of being honored and respect for what it is, and who they are, or the essence of who they are in the moment. No matter if they are responding out of their own path and traumatic experience and so they are not. Where they are not to judge, where they are to make space for safety, and when safety happen, in my experience, you realize because people that have been close or guarded or scare are all for expressing themselves, they become more expressive and then sooner or later, some fun start starts to be injected in the room or in the relationship in the world that either, and... that is a great breakthrough.

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